It is my goal to offer you the best experience possible in capturing that milestone in your life. I am a very sociable person, easy to work with, as well as patient with young children as I have 2 of my own! If you are the type of people who feel like you are intimidated by the camera, or that you won't know "what to do", don't worry! I will tell you exactly what to do, unless of course you feel confident enough to run the show!

I am open to choice of location within the rural area of my home as well as areas surrounding and including Saskatoon. I am even fine with more than one location as the time and session type allow!

As of yet, I only use natural lighting for my sessions, I hope to one day in the future learn about studio lighting options, but as for now its just me & my camera (manual settings of course!)

I will edit/enhance each image to my satisfaction, and you will receive a disk of these images to print/do with as you please, no copyright!

For newborn/children sessions I do have a small collection of backdrop options, which I'd prefer to set up in my own home and have you come to me to avoid the time and awkwardness of setup in your home.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me (see contact page). I look forward to working with you!